Certified Medical Laboratory Practitioners

Technical Officers and Medical Scientists can apply for Certification by completing an online application below.  

The following minimum requirements must be met for your application to be considered by the Board.

  1. For a scientist, a relevant degree in Science or Applied Science (AQF Level 7 or above) which would permit membership as a scientist of a member organisation.
  2. For a technical officer, documentary evidence of completing a relevant VET sector course at AQF 5 or 6 which would permit membership as a technical officer of a member organisation (or higher relevant qualification such as a science degree).

  3. Evidence of minimum 2 years relevant recent experience
  4. Willingness to agree to Code of Conduct/Ethics
  5. Declaration of competency assessment, in a position relevant to the level of certification sought, by applicant's supervisor using the pro forma. (Download pro forma
  6. CPD Certificate from an accredited CPD provider or an outline of CPD activities undertaken in the previous 2 years which meets the requirements of APACE (https://www.aims.org.au/documents/item/1272) or those of your relevant professional body. Applicants who cannot meet the CPD requirements may be granted Provisional Certification (see below).

Provisional Certification (From 1st February 2021)

The ACCMLSW Board have recognised that recording of continuing professional development activities (CPD) is something medical laboratory staff have not been required to do in the past and as a result, a number of people wishing to apply for certification are unable to provide the records to meet the CPD requirements for full certification.

In addition, staff who leave the workforce for a period may not have the opportunity to continue CPD and will again fall short of the requirement for certification upon returning to the profession.

To address this, the Board have initiated a new status of Provisional Certification.  Like the Conditional Certification for new graduates, there is no need to meet the CPD requirement to apply, however the remaining minimum standards of experience, demonstrated competency and qualifications must be met at the time of application.  Those applying for provisional certification need to commit to completing the minimum CPD over the period of their provisional certification to progress to full certification and sign and upload a declaration .  There will be no option to extend provisional certification beyond one 2 year cycle.  

Conditional Certification

Scientists and Technical Officers who are currently employed and have met the qualification requirements but do not yet have the minimum 2 years relevant recent experience and CPD record may apply for conditional certification. 

They must still agree to Code of Conduct/Ethics and should provide a declaration from their supervisor that they are employed in a relevant role but with less than 2 years experience and that they are undertaking ongoing training and competency assessment. Applicants for conditional certification also need to commit to participate in CPD activities and recording.

Conditional certification will run for a maximum of two years, after which they will be required to undergo competency assessment and provide CPD records and transition to full certification.


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